3 Great Budget Car Options That Won’t Let You Down

Whether you are looking for your first car, or perhaps seeking out a potential upgrade to the one you already have, it is important that you don’t break the bank while searching for your perfect vehicle.

There is a wide variety of budget car options available to choose from – you just need to know where to find them. Below, then, we have set out three possibilities for a cheap car that we reckon you should consider for your next ride.

What Should You Look For In A Budget Car?

It’s understandable that you may want to stick to a tight budget when you purchase a car. You may need the vehicle for a commute or to see family, but you might also have strict limits to your financial power, especially amid the current cost-of-living crisis.

Let’s say you were looking at used cars in Romford. No matter what brand you like, you should make sure you keep an eye on:

  • The cost of insurance
  • How cost-effective the vehicle is to drive
  • How easy it is to undertake manoeuvres and park
  • The safety ratings of the car
  • Whether or not the car is good value for money

With that said, let’s take a look at some budget car models for you to think about. Operating within a tight budget shouldn’t mean that you accept an unreliable or otherwise less-than-satisfying vehicle.

1. Skoda Citigo

If you are a first-time buyer, you should take a look at the Skoda Citigo. Not only can this model from the Czech marque come with three or five doors, but it can also be yours for as little as £3,000 to £4,000, depending on the exact variant you opt for.

The Citigo can accommodate about four adults, and has a large boot that can store quite a lot of luggage. This car can be a great choice for families. It is cheap to insure and easy to maintain, while its compact design helps make it a straightforward vehicle to park and drive on the road.

2. Volkswagen Polo

When you are looking for a budget car, you might not imagine a Volkswagen Polo would be within your budget. However, older (albeit still decent condition) examples of this well-built German supermini could set you back just a few thousand pounds.

Although more recent examples of the Polo will naturally cost you more, even earlier designs of this car are very spacious and reliable. The Polo has long had a good reputation for its level of equipment, safety, and space for occupants.

3. Kia Picanto

Another vehicle that could tick so many of the essential boxes for a budget car for you and your family, is the Kia Picanto. Again, it’s a vehicle with a decent reputation – recently attracting a four-stars-out-of-five verdict from Auto Express, for example – and with Kia having produced versions of it since the early 2000s, you could pick up a good-condition one for a mere £2,000 or so.

The Picanto is known for its spaciousness, comfort, and stylish looks, while potential extras you might find on one include the likes of parking sensors, a touchscreen, and even a reversing camera. All of this helps make the little Kia a potentially great option for new and more experienced drivers alike.

Are you ready to find a great deal on your own next car? If so, we have a generous stock of used vehicles here at Cars Under 3000 for you to peruse. Good luck with your search!

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