7 Electric Cars Worth a Look in 2019

Electric cars have gone from being a small blip on the radar to a major phenomenon in the last few years and 2019 is gearing up to be a landmark year as almost every major manufacturer has launched or is launching their take on the electric car. Here are the 7 electric cars worth a look in 2019.

Audi e-Tron Sportback: Audi was one of the first car manufacturers that convincingly proved to the world that electric cars could go mainstream with the e-Tron. With the e-Tron Sportback, Audi plans to take things even further as it is a spiced-up version of a proven car and should put smiles on the faces of car enthusiasts around the world. It is quite the looker too which is never a bad thing.

Aston Martin Lagonda: When the Bond car brand goes electric, it is a clear sign that electric cars are here to stay. This one is going to be one of the most radical Aston Martin’s ever. For one, it is an SUV and is rumoured to have a very unique interior layout and exterior design approach. This will probably be on the cars that will put electric SUVs on the map and with a name like the Lagonda is sure to be on the wish list of many.

Ford Mach 1: Another stalwart of the internal combustion engine era of cars, Ford will offer its own take on the Electric car with the Mach 1. This one will rattle quite a few brains though. Imagine a Mustang but all quiet and efficient and that is what the Mach 1 is aiming to be. Mustang-lovers won’t have much love for this car but it could end up being something special and possibly spawn a line of electric muscle cars.

Honda e: The concept car that will eventually make its way into production as the Honda e created quite the impression at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. This car has already made a great start and that name says it all. It is going to be an uncomplicated and elegant take on the electric vehicle. Add the reliability that Honda brings and this could be the car that persuades regular people to go electric.

KIA Soul EV: Another EV that is quite practical but is meant to appeal to the current generation. This one could end up being the show-stealer and the oddball of the lot and perfect for someone looking for a spunky EV.

Mercedes EQC: If you are looking to buy a high-end crossover then this one should really pique your interest. It is filled to the brim with all the latest tech and comes with one of the most advanced electric powertrains in production right now. With the added benefit of Mercedes‘ attention to detail, the EQC should be quite the head-turner with a heavy price tag.

Mini Cooper SE: The once legendary name of Mini Cooper could make a resurgence with the SE. This car somehow will make you feel like the electrical engine was made particularly for this car. Minis attained their legendary status because they managed to pack quite a lot of punch in a small package and this car seems to be taking them back to those roots.

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