The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Is Finally Here

After months of teasing, Porsche has finally revealed their latest track bias 911 at the world’s greatest garden party; the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The 911 in question is the long-awaited 991 GT2 RS.

The 3.8-litre unit from the from the Turbo S resides, as per usual, over the arse end. However, improved cooling allows for larger turbos, so now, spinning the rear wheels is 690bhp. That’s 80bhp and 37lb ft more than the already devastatingly fast 997 GT2 RS. Despite only the rears clawing for traction, the new RS beats the AWD Turbo to 62mph with a time of 2.8 seconds. Undeterred by the gargantuan wing and apparently physics, the GT2 RS will soldier on to 211mph. Unsurprisingly with a car that’s all about lap times, its PDK only.

Aside from the addition of that huge wing, the GT2 RS receives redesigned bodywork all around that not only looks more aggressive but also improves airflow. No numbers have been revealed just yet, but downforce is sure to be massive. Porsche are keeping their chops shut in regards to lap times as well, but expect a sub 7 minute ‘Ring time. After all, the latest NA GT3 was only 12 seconds shy with 200bhp less.

Understandably, kerb weight is slightly over the GT3 RS at 1470kg. If you’re as serious about the weight saving as Porsche, you can opt for the Weissach Package. Same story here as with the 918. You get a bunch of parts swapped out for a lighter alternative, a couple of Weissach badges and some magnesium wheels. All told, you’re looking at a saving of 30kg. Price for this slimmer of the week status?  £21,042 or £701.40 per kg on top of the £207,506 list price. As per usual, they’re all long gone by now so put your chequebooks away.

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