A Christmas Surprise From Maranello: Ferrari J50

It’s increasingly difficult these days for manufactures to make a new car without anyone noticing, but Ferrari have managed it with this, the Ferrari J50.

To those more familiar with prancing ponies, you will instantly recognize the Ferrari 488 that underpins this car. Other than a small 20bhp tune, the J50 would seem like just a 488 but with a body kit, but no, it’s more special than that. It’s been made to mark 50 years of Ferrari selling cars in Japan and only 10 will be made. This makes it very special indeed. 

There will likely be a small performance gain but nothing to write home about. The styling on the other hand, is stunning. It does an amazing job of resembling a 488 and an F50 at the same time. Carbon panels create a Targa like experience in place of the metal Origami in the 488 Spider but most importantly, they’ve re-designed the woefully rubbish door handles. If this is anything like the F60 America, expect these will go for crazy money. 


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