A Record Year For Britain’s Car Industry

Despite what the Brexiteers and old folk who want the “the good old days” back say, it turns out Britain does still make stuff and lot of it. 

An incredible 1.72 million cars were churned out of UK based factories in 2016. Not only is that the highest number this century it’s an incredible 8.5% increase on 2015. 

Top of the pack is JLR with 544,401 vehicles rolling out of its four factories. Second place is Nissan with 507,444 coming from just one super factory. Other big names including Vauxhall, Toyota, Mini, and Honda contributed 650,000 cars.

“High class engineering, advanced technology and a workforce committed to quality have helped turn around the industry, making the UK among the most productive places in Europe to make cars.”  Mike Hawes – chief executive of SMMT

Admittedly, a lot of the aforementioned manufacturers aren’t British nor owned by the British, but we’ll gloss over that and enjoy this little moment of national pride while it lasts.   

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