A Rush till the end…



With Ultimate Dubs getting closer every day, Conor and his Girlfriend Becky were in a rush to try get GSUS-LOUD’s Full car wrap finished. The clock was ticking and the stress levels rising, was the car going to be ready in time for UD? Then at 9pm Friday night Conor quotes “Becky pulls up outside the house Revving the golf!! She pulled it off”

Even though the wrap wasn’t complete with gloss details, it made it to Ultimate Dubs and I must say it was looking spectacular. Conor had the car inside the show and was proudly showing of the new look on SlammedUK’s stand. Major credit needs to be given to Becky Asher for her amazing skills on wrapping the golf. 

Can’t wait to see what happens next with this beast of an R32 Golf. 

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