What Is It?

Motorhive is not just a website for your average car lovers. It’s a community for the purest of automotive enthusiasts. It contains the biggest and best motoring events calendar, active places to share your photos and stories, mingle with other enthusiasts, gain access to private events and get the freshest news within the industry. Whether you love your Fords or Ferrari’s this is THE place for you and for all other enthusiasts to call home.

The UKs Biggest & Best Car Events Calendar

To us the word ‘calendar’ almost isn’t enough to describe the breadth of events we showcase all over the UK. It’s more like a Bible for anyone who worships the automotive form. From Supercar Suppers In Surrey to Historical Hoons in Hartford we have it all.
The Unique aspect to our calendar is the filtering system we’ve implemented. You can easily find an event that suits you without having to rummage through thousands of other events.
At Motorhive We love the idea of going to a range of different shows and meets. Not just differing in the type of cars going but also the size of the event. This is why we’ve added the ability for users to create their own Events. Big or small We want it all! We’ll help bump up your attendance figures and get your event the exposure it deserves.

Our Community

Our community is better described as one big, busy Hive of activity. Its all tied together with a forum, activity page and User page where you can follow, talk to and share media with other users.

The Gallery

A place for everyone to upload their photos, from lol cars to badly parked cars to professional photographs. We want to see it all and will be choosing a Photo of the day EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you win Photo of the day you will get entered into competition for photo of the month. Upon taking the ‘Photo of the month’ a series of different prizes are up for grabs.