Bentley Falcony

Bentley Has Made A Special Bentayga Designed For Falconry

These days all high end manufacturers have a special division who customise factory cars. Sometimes the job is as simple as personalised paint, but on occasion they modify cars to suit niche activities. We’ve seen Range Rovers with built in shotgun storage and Rolls Royce’s with ludicrously expensive picnic hampers. But now Bentley have cranked it up a notch by customising a Bentayga for Falconry. Yes, Falconry.

How this came about I’m not entirely sure. I can’t imagine the Bentley complaints department were inundated with letters from disgruntled Bentayga owners complaining of the lack of a perch but hey ho, it’s here so lets just appreciate its silliness in its all glory. 

The Bentayga Falconry includes a host of additions to make sure your feathered friend is as comfortable as you. The boot now houses “all the equipment required for an enjoyable falconry expedition”. This includes a master flight station, a refreshment case and a GPS bird tracking unit. 

Inside, the most notable addition is the perch mounted to the armrest. There is also a “sweeping desert scene” just above the glovebox. It alone takes nine days to hand craft and features 430 individual pieces of wood. No word on how much this customisation costs, but the Falcon pictured here is worth a million quid, so potential customers properly aren’t too budget conscious. 

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