BMW 8 Series

BMW Confirms The 8 Series Will Be Reborn In 2018

It has been almost 20 years since BMW killed off the original 8 series. Now, with the Mercedes S-class coupe in its sights, BMW has given the green light for a 2018 resurrection of the 8 Series. 

Details are still known only to a few important men inside BMW. All that has been released so far is a clich√© silhouette-like teaser showing a low roofline, muscular wheel arches and a very nicely integrated boot lip. Overall, it looks to be every bit as sleek as the rival S-class. 

It’s highly unlikely that the 2018 8 series will see the return of a V12. Instead, it will feature a re-worked version of the twin-turbo V8 found in the M5. Power in the fully fledged ‘M’ dressing, should be around 600bhp. Could the 2018 8 series be the largest and fastset coupe ever? Maybe hold back on any M6 purchases for the time being… 

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