The New BMW M4 CS: Is It Worth The Extra?

The aim of the BMW M4 CS is to fill the price gap between the Competition Pack and the now sold out, M4 GTS. With a £30k difference either side, it certainly achieves that goal. However, a price tag of £89,130 puts it £20k over the thorn in BMW’s side that is, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoligio. Can it possibly be worth the extra? 

The M4 CS is a lot more than a new badge and a few aesthetic tweaks. Power is up 10bhp from the Competition Pack (30bhp over the standard car) to a total output of 454bhp. This is less than the track focused M4 GTS by 39 and the aforementioned thorn by 49. The 3.0-Litre turbo six drives the rear wheels through a 7-speed DCT (there is no manual option). 0-62mph is done and dusted in 3.9 seconds and because the M Driver’s Package is standard with the M4 CS, top speed is 174mph.

According to BMW, the suspension “largely mirrors that of the M4 with Competition Package.” That being said, the M4 CS receives its very own steering and stability control calibration. Thankfully, the brilliant M Dynamic mode is present as ever to ensure you can have fun, without making a tit of yourself. The M4 CS also comes standard with sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber. All told the M4 CS laps the Nurburgring in 7min 38secs. That’s quick, but still six and a bit seconds off the Giulia.

The exterior receives a few lightweight touches contributing to a 32kg weight loss. The sculpted bonnet is made from the same carbonfibre reinforced plastic as the roof on the standard car. Other exterior additions include a carbonfibre rear diffuser, rear spoiler and front splitter. The interior gets a healthy covering of alcantara because, race car. 

It’s very lovely, especially in the spec pictured here, but I think I’d pocket the difference and take the Alfa. 

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