Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Has Sold 70 Chirons This Year

On the face of it, 70 cars in a year don’t seem like much but, you have to remember that the Chiron is a labour intensive process than in all, takes a whopping 6 months. 

Typically, production time for something like a Ford Fiesta would be measured in hours. The Chiron however, everything takes days if not weeks. It takes 1 week to put the chassis together, 3 weeks to hand paint all the body part which then take a further 4 days to fit together. The new Chiron is then inspected in a light tunnel for 6 hours checking for defects before spending a further 30 hour removing said defects. 

The other thing to remember is Bugatti only plan to make 500 of these magnificent beasts… 


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