Bugatti’s Molsheim facility Is As Beautiful As You’d Expect

Bugatti are known for making some crazy numbers and the Chiron production process is no exception. It takes six months to assemble the 1800 parts needed to create the 1500 horsepower Bugatti Chiron. 

Check out the slideshow below of their pristine factory


The 8.0 litre, quad turbo W16 weighs an incredible 628KG
You won't find any robots in this factory, everything is assembled by hand
60,000 litres of air is sucked through the engine every minute
Just 20 technicians work at the facility
The marriage
The floor is clean enough to eat off
The carbon fibre side panel is the largest in the industry
The Chiron has 10 radiators
The factory is home to the most powerful dyno in the world
1200 amps of electricity are generated during testing which is fed back into the grid.
It takes three days to fit the interior
The Chiron takes three weeks to paint
The car must undergo six hours of inspection before it can leave the factory
A worker checks every panel gap to ensure they are all precisely the same
Every Chiron is subject to a monsoon test to check for leaks



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