DeLorean Motor Company Takes Us Back To The Future With a New EV

Just as John DeLorean did back in the 80s, the now infamous marque has unveiled a gullwing doored vehicle from the future. Penned by the very same design studio, the new Alpha5 (a name pinched from Elon Musk’s baby name book no doubt) is gunning for the likes of the Porsche Taycan with a 1.21 Gigawatt 100kWh battery good for a range of 300 miles.

Details are still scarce, but the new DeLorean will hit 0-88mph in 4.35 seconds although higher capacity models are expected to surpass this. Difficult to gauge scale from this photos released so far, but the car measures a colossal 4,995mm by 2,044mm; not far off Range Rover size. Hopefully it’s not compensating for something.

Despite its now legendary status, the poor performance the original DeLorean suffered with cemented its status as a flop and in reality, the company was long dead by the time its Back To The Future appearance manage to garner the cult following it now has.

If the design is doing it for you, but drivetrain not so much then fear not. The American company has confirmed a V8 powered DeLorean is in the works and even a Hydrogen powered SUV is said to be on the way.

How soon until the Back To The Future references become tedious? I imagine quite quickly. 

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