Fiat 911

A Fiat/Porsche Hybrid That Will Make Your Stomach Churn

Here’s a petrol head pub game, try to imagine the worst possible cars to mash together.  You would probably get some terrible concoctions and kill several hours in the pub. However someone in Greece has obviously played this game and decided they liked the outcome so much they actually built it.

What your eyes are looking at is the forced breeding of a Fiat 500 and a Porsche 911 (the 996 generation for Porsche nerds) and I think I can safely say that this car will not be winning any beauty contests.  The Fiat 911, or Porsche 500 or 1411 –whatever you want to call it, is actually quite an impressive engineering achievement. Even though it does look like something from the black lagoon.

However, this is not the most awful creation you will see today. Head over to ‘How Not to Design a Car’ on Facebook and grimace at the shocks that lie in store. This car along with several others will give you nightmares for a very long time. If you can think of a worse combination then please, comment below.

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