Italian Gang Planned To Steal Enzo Ferrari’s Body

Today Ferrari produce some of the most desirable cars in the world. So as devastating as it may be, it’s not what you’d call headline news when the odd one gets nicked. This however, is on a different level.

Investigators looking into a drug and arms case claim that they uncovered a plot to steal the body of Ferrari founder and all round legend – Enzo Ferrari. Supposedly, the gang had the whole thing planned out, including escaping to the Apennine Mountains where they would hide the body until a ransom was paid by the Ferrari family. 

Thankfully, the plot was foiled after extensive police raids involving 300 police and military were carried out on the Sardinia based gang.

Enzo died aged 90 in 1988 with an impressive list of accomplishments. He founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 and the company we know and love today in 1947 – hence Ferrari celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year. 

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