Lotus Evora 410

The F1 Inspired Lotus Evora 410 GP Edition

Lotus are launching a special edition version of their highly successful Evora. Dubbed the Evora 410 GP Edition, it sticks to the conventional special edition trends; It loses a bit of weight, gets a nice paint job and is sold in limited numbers. So it’s not actually that special, but I’ll be the first to admit – I have near maximum levels of want for it anyway.

Lotus Evora 410 GP EditionUnfortunately for me however, the Evora 410 GP Edition, is only being sold to Lotus fanatics over the pond. This is presumably because of the amazing success Lotus has had with the normal model in the states. In fact, the Evora sold so well in the US, Lotus had it’s first ever operating profit last year. 

The GP Edition shaves 60kg off the standard Evora 400 bringing the total weight to 1320kg. This is in part thanks to additional carbon fibre, forged wheels, and even a new windscreen surround which alone, saves 3.4kg. However, due to a couple of tweaks required to meet silly US regulations, it actually means the 410 GP Edition is 10Kg heaver than our version of the 410. As well as the weight saving, the Evora 410 GP has also been lowered and made stiffer than the already fairly rigid Evora 400. 

Lotus Evora 410

The livery is inspired by Lotus’ old Formula 1 history. The black base with gold highlights was the scheme used by Lotus in Formula 1 from 1972 to 1986. 150 Evora Sport 410s will be sold worldwide with only five GP editions. However, Lotus do say that customers who miss out on the GP but want the colour scheme, can spec a regular 410 in the same colours. 

Lotus Evora 410 GP EditionPowertrain is essentially the same as the UK spec Evora 410. It will have the same 404bhp 3.5 Litre Supercharged V6. So you can expect it to retain the 3.9 second 0-62 time and 190mph top speed. Inside, you’ll find a more than generous serving of Alcantara and gold contrast stitching to match the exterior touches. Prices start at $104,200 for the normal 410 while the more exclusive GP edition is a touch more at $110,000. 

What do you think? Would you have one over the likes of the Cayman GT4 or even a Porsche GT3?

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