Manual 991 GT3 RS

A Manual 991 GT3 RS!

A couple of years ago when the 991 generation of GT3 RS came out there was uproar amongst the hardcore fans. Porsche had taken away the manual option leaving every prospective owner with just one choice: the PDK gearbox (a 7-speed flappy paddle auto for those who aren’t familiar with the Porsche lingo). Brillant as it is, having three pedals is just always better. 

One brave man from Illinois clearly felt the same as he’s spent upwards of $45k converting his GT3 RS to a three pedalled machine. Using the gearbox from a 911R, the physical install is relatively simple. However, the work involved in getting the RS’ onboard computers to accept the new cogs is a different kettle of fish. All told, the folks at BGB Motorsports spent over 60 hours creating this machine. 

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