McLaren And BMW Team Up To Create New Engine Tech

The last time McLaren and BMW joined forces they created the 6.1 litre V12 found in the legendary McLaren F1. Vast amounts of power and utterly delicious throttle response made it arguably one of the greatest engines of all time. 

McLaren today announced they are teaming up with BMW and several others in an attempt to develop new engine technology. The aim is to produce “a higher output per capacity than currently possible” while simultaneously reducing Co2 emissions. 

The total cost of the project is £28m. The British taxpayer is chipping in £14m leaving the rest to be spilt between the other partners. 

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said: “McLaren Automotive has an exceptional reputation for building the world’s finest engines, as showcased by our M838T and its previous category wins in the International Engine of the Year awards,” He went on to say:

“We will continue to independently design and build our own engines, and the benefits of this project will help us accelerate the development of our next generation of powertrain, as confirmed in our recently-announced Track22 business plan.”


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