McLaren Sheds Light On New 4.0 Litre Engine… Literally

There has been a lot of hype regarding McLaren’s 650s replacement, especially since someone spilled the beans with a grainy private viewing photo a few weeks ago. Now ahead of its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren have released information about what will power their new supercar. 

It’s another twin turbo V8 lump, but this time, it’s 4 litres rather than the 3.8 litres found in the 650S. McLaren have not given any power figures, but have revealed a blistering 0-124mph time of 7.8 seconds. That makes it 0.6 seconds faster than the outgoing car and 0.1 seconds quicker than the 675LT. The standing quarter mile is accomplished in 10.3 seconds


“Power, torque and throttle response are all significantly enhanced compared to the first-generation Super Series, yet with fuel efficiency and emissions also notably improved.” – McLaren Super Series Vehicle Line Director Haydn Baker


“ultra-low inertia” twin-scroll turbochargers ensure that turbo lag is virtually not existent. The boffins at Woking also promise a “soulful, clean and crisp exhaust note” as well as an illuminated engine bay.



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