McLaren Tease More Of Their New Supercar

McLaren have been trying there utmost to get people excited for the 650s replacement. Last week it was all about the illuminated engine bay and performance times. This week it’s their amazingly cool double display. 

I’m sure you’ve felt the frustration; your thrashing your supercar around the track, trying to chip away at your lap record, but you just can’t concentrate for all the information on the dash. No? Me neither. Anyway, McLaren have solved the “problem” with their new folding display. 

Most of the time a normal enough screen shows all kinds of information including speed, revs, temperatures etc. But at the flick of a switch, the screen will fold down revealing a much smaller display showing only the most important information. Will it take seconds off your last times? Probably not. It’s still cool as hell. I think it definitely takes the trophy for best/most pointless gadget from Jaguars F-type air vents. What do you think? 

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