Porsche 918 Spyder Vs Ferrari Enzo .. Ish

A Hypercar vs a fake Ferrari? Recipe for disaster? Not at all, CarBros have created one of the funniest, most entertaining car reviews of the year! 

We haven’t heard much from CarBros since their legendary Ken Block Gymkhana parody series. Coming back with this video is pure gold. From the Top Gear style intro using a recorder and awful CarBros cinematic text set the scene for what was to come. We are then give a hilarious spiel about the 918 and how they believe it to be an EV with a gasoline range extender!



They then move onto the introduction of the ‘Enzo’ which is one of the worst replicas ever built to date. The whole scene is filmed in ‘Top Gear’ style with a lot of Clarkson and Hammond’s presenter approches. The build up is tense, using ‘epic’ music and snap shot videography. The rest of the Enzo review had us in stitches. It’s all rounded off with a drag race against the 918.



The Video Can be seen below: 


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