Porsche Cayenne A380

Porsche Cayenne Breaks A World Record Pulling A 285-Tonne Airbus A380

It’s not unusual for manufacturers to test their cars to the very limit, but this is just something else. Porsche GB technician Richard Payne did the maths and realised that the Cayenne’s engine, gearbox and chassis would be up to the challenge. A quick call to Air France to see if they had a spare A380 kicking about and the challenge was on. 

The most impressive thing here is that the car is completely standard. The 4.2-litre diesel V8 engine chucks out 380bhp a more than adequate 627lb ft of torque. But it gets better. Not only did the diesel engine Cayenne beat the record by 115-tonnes, the less towing ready Petrol Cayenne S managed it too. 

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