Widebody mustang

Shelby Reveals An Insanely Cool Widebody Mustang

In the past, Shelby American has adopted a typically Yankee approach to beefing up the mustang. It’s usually given a shed load more power, a nice body kit and then its sent on its way. 

This time however – as with the standard sixth generation ‘Stang – much more focus has been given to the handling. So, not only does the widebody look insanely cool, it serves a purpose. By adding an extra four inches to the rear and two inches to the front, it has freed up space for wider rubber. More rubber means more grip. How much more? Well the rear tyres are now 315mm wide…

The wide body Mustang is based on a 50th Anniversary Shelby Super Snake. This means, depending on how you spec it, the 5.0-Litre supercharged V8 throws out either 670bhp or 750bhp. Stopping power is in plentiful supply thanks to Brembos front and rear (16 and 14 inch discs respectively). The suspension receives fully adjustable coilovers, upgraded spindle & control arms and rear lower control arms. 

“The current Shelby Super Snake emphasises handling much more than the last model, which required a new approach with this concept. Instead of being optimised for straight line performance, the Super Snake wide body concept provides more grip on all four corners. It was designed to give drivers a serious competitive edge on the road course.” – Shelby American President Gary Patterson. 

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