Singer Unveils The Incredible Turbo Study

I’m not sure how, but Singer just seems to constantly hit home runs. With their original reimagined 911, they perfected the body shape pushing to the limit but without going overboard. They nailed the interior detail and even the exquisite engineering that ensures their vehicles are not all show and no go.

They then released the DLS and more recently the Rally ready ACS, both of which are engineering marvels that also have every right to occupy a spot in the Louvre. And now they’ve done it again with this, the Turbo Study.

Moving away from the 964 based 911’s they’ve focused on up until now, the Turbo Study’s aesthetics are underpinned by the later 930 Turbo; an already achingly curvaceous design. As with Singer’s other projects though, almost everything has been replaced by carbon fibre. It sits lower and on gorgeous dished wheels we’ve come to expect from a Singer product. but otherwise it appears to be a very faithful rendition of the original Turbo on which it’s based.

The Turbo Study, as the name would suggest, also remains faithful to the original with a turbocharged motor marking a significant departure from the norm when it comes to the power-plants in Singer 911’s. The flat-six built by Porsche Motorsport North America is a twin-turbo air-cooled unit producing at least 450bhp; notice the classic shark fin on the side is now a cleverly integrated air intake. Power will be sent to the rear wheels only by default, but Singer has confirmed AWD will be possible is customers so wish.

The customer can also override Singer’s approach of having a slightly softer setup more inline with the Turbo’s original ambition – the beauty of individual commissions is the flexibility Singer can provide.

The interior is loyally 80s 930 with Singer instead relying on their impeccable attention to detail to create a unique and special experience in the cabin. The Malibu Sand leather interior in their launch example spreads across the dash enveloping the five-dial instrument cluster with green backlight, again harking back to the original.

Prices are expected to be similar to other Singer 911s, which is to say unobtainable to all but a select few. The Turbo Study will finish its development ready for its unveiling at Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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