Tesla Model X Crash

Elon Musk Branded A Lifesaver After Mans Tesla Shrugs Off A Huge Shunt

Californian man John Tran is branding Elon Musk a lifesaver after his rented Model X was sideswiped by a stolen car the night before his wedding. Don’t be fooled by how well the Tesla looks in the aftermath photos, this was a big shunt. He was lucky to not be seriously injured. 

The impact was in fact so big, John claims his Model X ended up 20-30 feet down the round. But thanks to the Model X’s amazing safety features, John not only walked away with minor injuries, he was still able to get married the following day.
As you can see from the photos, all the airbags have deployed and the front wheel has come off. Other than that, the Model X seems to have brushed this incident off incredibly well. 

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