The Best Smartphone Games For Petrol Heads

Driving around in mightily impressive vehicles like the Alpine A110 SportsX appeals to most people, especially car lovers, but we can’t be on the road at all times. For moments when we aren’t able to experience a new car’s power or take in some classic motors at a show, many petrol heads tuck into the huge selection of car and racing-related games, which are now available to us on both iOS and Android.

In the same way that cars have been able to house an array of savvy tech-related products these days, mobile phones have also been on the receiving end of technology-based innovation. As a result of this, games developers have been able to bring out better, more advanced games than previously. Alongside catching Pokemon thanks to Pokemon Go’s augmented reality feature and playing the best Megaways slots with over 117,000 potential ways to win, people are turning to a whole host of dramatically improved mobile racing games in 2021. These games offer better graphics and vastly improved gameplay as a result of the aforementioned improvements. Below is a look at some of the best of them.

Asphalt 9: Legends

With a new selection of cars to choose from and some pure, unadulterated racing mayhem on offer, Asphalt 9: Legends is a fantastic game to play on a miniature handheld device. Career mode, which spans across 60 seasons, is hugely entertaining but so too is the game’s online multiplayer offering, where you can take on up to seven other players. Some of the cars featured in the game boast remarkable power, too, such as Porsche, Bugatti, and Ferrari.

Table Top Racing: World Tour

If you grew up with Micro Machines in the 1990s, then you’ll adore this game which was reportedly inspired by it. Racing in miniature cars on tracks packed full of life-sized objects, it’s a game which serves up a large dose of arcade combat fun. The product comes with competitions online, multiplayer gaming modes such as a split-screen battle for two players, and there are over 32 tracks and 16 cars to enjoy.

Motorsport Manager Online

If you’re partial to the odd bit of motorsport, then you’ll probably enjoy Motorsport Manager Online. A game that has been praised for its accurate representation of running a race team, players are tasked with hiring drivers, developing new parts, managing race strategy’s and everything else that running a race team entails. Featuring the famous drivers and teams from the Formula E championship, Motorsport Manager Online is a great title to session.

F1 Manager

Similar to Motorsport Manager Online except based on the world of Formula 1, F1 Manager focuses on the same aspects as the aforementioned Motorsport Manager Online, enabling players to hire drivers and create parts and the like, but also offer random prizes as you progress throughout the game and win races. F1 Manager offers excellent graphics and a solid all-round gaming experience also.

Grid Autosport

The best racing game on a mobile phone device for many, Grid Autosport’s transition over to the mobile gaming world has been remarkable. The game isn’t as polished as it is on Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, but it’s still a superb product. For starters, Grid Autosport features 100 cars and 100 tracks for players to enjoy. There is also five different motorsport divisions and even a destruction derby mode which is a blast to play. Overall, Grid Autosport is hard to fault.

Other smartphone games worth downloading right now are Horizon Chase – World Tour, Mario Kart Tour, Asphalt Xtreme, CSR Racing 2, and Virtually Live Formula E Ghost Racing.

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