New Focus ST

The New Ford Focus ST Will Use A Focus RS Engine

The scarily accurate psychics over at Autocar have churned out yet another rumour. Apparently, the new Focus ST will be powered by the same 2.3 Litre inline 4 as the current RS. Don’t get too excited though, the power will be down from the RS to around 250bhp, which is only a hair over the current generation. However, the new ST will apparently benefit from an 88kg weight loss and a more rigid setup overall.

Meanwhile, the RS will continue to push the boundaries of what can actually be considered a ‘hot’ hatch. The updated RS will reportedly have over 400bhp. That’s supercar figures not that long ago. Of course, both cars will get a fresh new look and probably some more gadgets you never knew you wanted. We’ll have to wait and see for now, but these rumours certainly make for an interesting insight into what the giant automaker may do next.

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