The New Nismo GT-R Costs How Much?!

Today Nissan Confirmed the Nismo version of  the infamous GT-R will cost a whopping £149,995! You do however get a fair amount of power for your pennies – 592bhp to be exact.

Nissan’s face lifted GT-R seems to have addressed the elder siblings main pitfall; the interior. The revised cabin (seen below) is a welcome update to a tired somewhat budget interior that came before it. Now boasting a generous splash of Alcantara and leather, the GT-Rs interior almost lives up to its inflated price tag. The cockpit is also now home to an 8 inch touch screen display, less buttons (11 in case you were wondering) and generally a more premium look.


Its not all cosmetic though. There is a stiffer body shell for 2017, suspension tweaks and re-designed aero. It may not look that extravagant but the 2017 Nismo GT-R produces more down force than any other Nissan ever put into production.

Now as lovely as all these changes are, I think I would still find myself in the Porsche dealer with and a few quid to spare.


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