The New Subaru BRZ tS Does Not Bring Any Power Increase

The BRZ – or Toyota GT86 if you prefer – wormed its way into the petrol head heart for being a bit of a laugh. However, the petrol head yearned for more. The main complaint with the two and a bit seater sports car, was that its power output was frankly disappointing. Unfortunately, the new special edition BRZ tS, isn’t going to help.

While there is no power increase with this new version, its important to note the BRZ tS is not just a body kit and some quirky backwards capitalisation. There’s plenty of changes happening underneath that sharpen the handling and improve an already good little sports car. For starters the BRZ tS receives new sachs springs and dampers. The ts also sees additional bracing in the engine compartment and stiffners under the body to help reduce flex. 

The most notable addition to the exterior is the adjustable carbon fibre wing which I’ll be the first to admit, works really well. There are also new 18 inch STI rims all round fitted with 215/40 Michellin Pilot Super sport tyres. Behind the multi spoke rims you’ll spot a set of 6 piston brembos up front and a set of duels at the rear. 

Inside you’ll get typical special edition treatment – An almost unhealthy serving of alcantara and some colour contrasting. As you’d expect there is also tS logo everywhere just incase you forget what you brought. tS owners will also receive a unique gauge cluster and a frameless rear-view mirror. 

Want one despite the lack of a power increase? Tough tits. They’re only making 500 and they’re all going to the US. 


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