The Utterly Bonkers Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Can Wheelie

Unlike most cars nowadays, the Dodge Demon has not been developed at the Nürburgring. No. Its only purpose in life is to demolish the drag strip, which it does, very very well.

The Dodge Demon is the world’s fastest production vehicle to 60mph with a time of 2.3 seconds. It holds the world’s fastest production car quarter mile at 9.65 seconds. It also snatches the record for the highest production car acceleration G-force with 1.8G. But most importantly, the Dodge Demon is the world’s first production car that can wheelie.

“How the f*#k?!” I hear you cry. Let’s start with the engine. You would expect the Dodge Demon to share the same V8 motor as the Hellcat, but you’d be wrong. With the exception of the head, the engine is all new for the Demon. While the Hellcat produces a now seemingly small output of 707bhp and 650lbft, the Demon makes 808bhp and 717lbft using 91 octane fuel (more on that later). It’s no secret that A RWD car is going to struggle to make the most of that power. That’s where the 97 piece Demon race kit comes in. 

For an additional cost – of one whole dollar – Dodge will give you a bespoke crate of bits to turn your ‘normal’ road car into a track Demon. Most importantly, the kit provides you with another world first in the form of four super sticky 315 section Nitto NT05R drag radials. You also get, lighter front wheels, an impact driver and a controller in the centre console. This controller is what allows you run your Demon on 100 Octane race fuel. The extra kick from the higher Octane fuel gives the Dodge Demon the extra power needed to break those records. 840bhp and 770lbft to be precise.

In the aim name of weight saving, the Dodge Demon comes with just a drivers seat. You can of course spec the passenger and rear seats but, it will cost you time on the strip and another two dollars. Other weight saving measures include smaller brakes, new steering rack, less sound deadening material, lighter wheels and no spare.

Source: TopGear

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