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What does non-transferable registration mark mean? 

When buying a new car, often you want to make it a really special occasion by purchasing a private registration plate to really make it a personal and momentous occasion. However, if it is an older car, you may find a ‘non-transferable registration mark’ in the V5 log book, meaning that the plate cannot be transferred to another vehicle. 

What does a non-transferable mark mean? 

In the simplest terms, a non-transferable registration mark means that the plate cannot be transferred onto another vehicle. Usually you will be able to find this at the front of the Registration Certificate under the ‘Special notes’ section. 

More often than not, people get confused about what the regulations are in terms of the mark, often thinking that they are not able to place a private number plate on their vehicle, however this is not true. Having this mark means that you cannot place the number plate onto another vehicle, another plate can be put onto your vehicle if you desire. 

Why would a number plate be classed as non-transferable? 

There isn’t one set reason why a number plate might be classed as non-transferable, instead there are several reasons it may have been placed under this category. 

Fiat 124 Spider
Fiat 124 Spider

-Racing history: If the vehicle has had a significant racing history then the car and registration number will usually be marked as non-transferable so that it cannot be passed to another vehicle. 

-Age-related replacement: If you decide to sell your private number plate, or sell your vehicle and have your private plate removed, if the original plate is not available you will be given an age-related plate. The cannot be transferred and are often the reason why the mark is found on old cars. 

-When the original plate is returned: If the original plate is returned to the car after the private plate has been taken off then it can often be marked. This is because the number plate may be valuable and the DVLA would be giving you the plate, which you could then go onto to sell, hence why they mark it. 

Avoid buying a non-transferable plate 

If you’re considering buying a private number plate, you will need to do your research beforehand and check the Registration Document to see whether the mark is there or not. If it does have the mark, the plate cannot be retained or transferred and if done, this will be an illegal action. Do not buy a number plate until you have proof that it can be transferred, especially an old one. 

As well as looking out for non-transferable plates, you should also be aware of other ways that the plate might be illegal before you purchase it. To start, ensure you are buying your plate from a trustworthy supplier such as the DVLA or an approved website/dealer. Likewise, you should be sure that the seller has all of the documentation that is necessary for the transaction as proof that they are the legal owner of the plate and this responsibility is being passed onto you. 

If you are still unsure about whether or not a plate is transferable and legal, you should contact the DVLA. They will be able to provide you with all of the information you need when It comes to private registration numbers. 

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