Who are the most vain UK drivers?

For those who can drive, the car is an essential piece of kit. Without it commuting becomes a pain, doing the weekly big shop becomes a pain and unless you are fond of public transport you are not independent and can’t freely go wherever you want, whenever you want. With that in mind, choosing your car is a pretty big decision and it’s really important to get the car that’s right for you. Some people will prefer reliability and the drive quality above all other factors but there are some people out there who value the way the car looks over everything else. 

Recently, we stumbled upon a recent study by Manchester based personal car leasing deal firm All Car Leasing called ‘doin’ it for the ‘gram’ which takes a look at just that and according to them they have found just who are the most vain drivers out there. The study does look into more than this which you are more than welcome to take a look but we wanted to focus on the vanity side in this article.

It wouldn’t be fair to call someone vain just because they do just one thing so to determine what ‘vanity’ is, All Car Leasing asked the following questions:

  • They chose ‘the way it looks’ as the most important factor in choosing a car
  • They have a private plate
  • They wash their car every two weeks or less
  • They have at some point posted their vehicle to social media
  • They have modified their car post sales

To be classed as vain in their study, they will have answered yes to each question abive. We would agree with All Car Leasing that if they have done all of the above then they certainly do love showing off their motor (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). So, out of their 600 odd respondents what kind of people have done all of those?

Well, it turns out it’s ‘millennial’ (millennial being 25-34 years old) Audi drivers that are the most vain as they come up most often out of the few people who said yes to all of the above. It also turns out that millennials tended to be the most common people to have done all of the above individually as well as collectively. Some more stats on this:

  • 50% of all millennial respondents have posted a snap of their car on the social
  • Millennials are the only age group to value looks over everything else when choosing a car
  • Millennials wash their car most often 
  • 20% of all drivers have private plates but 35% of millennials own one
  • Over half of millennials have modified their car after purchasing

Millennials and Audi drivers seem to always get a load of stick online but do we agree with these findings? When it comes to a cars (BMW’s to Kia‘s)are they really the most vain? And even if they are is there anything actually wrong with loving your car and wanting to show off your work? Answers on a post card please….


Doin it for the gram

Doin’ it for the ‘gram by All Car Leasing


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