You Will Soon Be Able To Charge Your EV At Fuel Stations

It seems the main brand petrol stations have finally realised this whole electric vehicle thing is more than just a fad like the internet or global warming. BP has announced they will start introducing electric charging points in their UK petrol stations in the near future. 

Shell had actually committed to doing the same slightly earlier in the year but BP has now followed suit with their 3100 stations in the UK. The additions of these charging stations will drastically improve the Britains EV capability. Most modern EV’s take between 20-30 minutes of charging to produce 100 miles of range. So while the BP won’t benefit directly from installing the charging points, I’m sure they’re tea and biscuit sales will be up a tad. 

Shell has already promised to install charging points in ten of its stations initially with more to follow. They have 550 stations owned by themselves and several hundred more franchised forecourts across the UK. Whether this move was prompted by the recent 2040 petrol/diesel ban we don’t know, but its interesting timing if not.  

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