The Grand Tour: Was It As Grand As Expected?

In short, no.

I found the whole show frankly underwhelming. The hype surrounding it was huge and I just don’t think it lived up to it at all. Supposedly millions of dollars were shelled out on the opening scene alone but, from where I was sitting, I couldn’t see how. I was expecting a spectacle similar to that of the British made motors piece in series 20 (video below) 

The jokes were very hit and miss. Some priceless, but most were just too immature. The whole celebrity “accident” sequence was just plain awkward. In fact, the funniest man was The American. While blasting an M2 around the Eboladrome he actually busted out some really good lines.  

The trio wanted to make a proper car show for there return to the screen. Personally, I don’t think the holy trinity were the right cars. Back when TG ended the trinity were still fresh, relatively untested, only a select few truly knew which was the fastest. Now however, there have been numerous reviews and comparisons between them, it just seems like old news. 

I’m not writing it off just yet, after all its only episode one. However, I have a horrible feeling the Top Gear we all used to love is like the Lexus LFA…


“So good, not even the people who made it know how to make it again”

– Jeremy Clarkson


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