The Most Expensive Car In The World?

Classic car prices have shot up over recent years but this takes the biscuit. This 250GTO is going up for auction and is expected to fetch £45,000,000. Thats not a typo, it really has a guide price of forty five Million. Now while it is a beautiful creation – although arguably the wrong colour – is it really worth that much? 


The car certainly has proper history. This 1962 model was the second of a 39 run and was used by Ferrari for testing at Monza. It was then sold to a New York dealership in March of 1962. By the end of the month it had won first in its class. A few short months later the car was the correct colour and with a new owner. 




The car raced up until 1978 when a new owner turned her into a bit of garage queen. It stayed like that until 1997 when the current owner Bernard J. Carl brought it. 

Interested in placing a bid yet? Watch the video below for information about the restoration. 

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