The World’s Fastest Hot Hatches

With the news of a 400hp RS3 coming soon we thought we’d take a quick look at the hot hatch 0-60 leaderboard. Some of the times these cars complete the sprint in nowadays really are not far off supercar standards. The only question that remains, which would you have? 


Audi S1: 5.8 seconds
VW Golf GTI Clubsport S: 5.8 seconds
Seat Leon Cupra SC 290: 5.7 seconds
Honda Civic Type R: 5.7 seconds
VW Golf R: 4.9 seconds
BMW M140I: 4.8 seconds
Ford Focus RS: 4.5 seconds
Audi S3: 4.5 seconds
AMG A45: 4.2 seconds
Audi RS3 4.1 seconds


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